Appliance Installation in Cochrane

Appliance Installation in Cochrane, AB Giving You a Headache? There’s a Better Way

Stop us if this scenario sounds familiar: you’ve had your Cochrane, AB home or apartment completely gutted for weeks as teams of contractors swarm in and out. Your life is on hold as your major renovation progresses. Then, when it’s finally over, you step into your new kitchen beaming with pride—and realize that your dishwasher hasn’t been hooked up.

Anyone that’s replaced appliances or undergone a major renovation in Cochrane knows that one of the biggest hassles and frustrations of home improvement is installing major appliances. Sure, a microwave or a refrigerator might be relatively uncomplicated to set up. But if you’re on the hook for installing washer-dryer hookups? That’s a long and gruelling project that has no guarantee of success for the average homeowner.

If appliance installation is giving you woes, relief is in sight. Avalanche Appliance Division LTD is your number one choice for same-day dishwasher installation and any other appliance installation service you need. We provide high-quality and reliable service to home and business owners, and we’ve made appliances and other major home electronics our specialty.

We Set Up Kitchen Appliances the Easy Way

Struggling with complicated user manuals and arcane setup instructions just to be able to use a microwave? Any Cochrane homeowner who’s tried to set up new or used appliances by themselves knows exactly how hard a job it can be.

Even if it contains the occasional mess, your kitchen should be a place of ease and comfort. After all, it’s the space you’re going to build quality lasting memories with your loved ones for many years to come. So you don’t want to burden your new or newly renovated kitchen with the negative emotions of a frustrating appliance setup. Avalanche Appliance Division LTD specializes in same-day dishwasher installation, but we also handle your refrigerator or any other kitchen appliances you need repaired or installed. Don’t trust just any mechanic: put your confidence in Cochrane’s specialty appliance installation contractors.

Installing Washer-Dryer Hookups Quickly and Easily

Manually installing washer-dryer hookups is one of the most complicated tasks a homeowner can attempt on their own. To properly install these complex systems requires a solid knowledge of both your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. There are many ways to mess up the process, and either could leave you at risk for electrical fires or even flooding of your basement or laundry room.

When it comes to installing major (and majorly dangerous) appliances like your home washer and dryer set, leave the hard work to the experts. We take care of everything while you relax.

Rates You Can Afford, Quality You Can Trust

Avalanche Appliance Division LTD has made our names in providing high-quality appliance services to the residents and homeowners of Cochrane. There is no job too big or too small because we’ve developed our expertise in this specialized service. So whether you need an above-range microwave installed or a toaster repaired, when it comes to major and minor appliances, call us today!

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